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Young Miss Buffalo 2015

Leecia Clinkscales

My Favorite Quote:

“The day before your life changes forever, is just like any other day." ~Daphne (Switched at Birth)

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Young Miss Buffalo 2015
Leecia Clinkscales

Leecia Clinkscales

Age: 16

School:McKinely High School

Career Aspirations: Clinical Psycologist and Sign Language Interpreter

Jocelyn Winston & Jeffrey Clinckscales


"I would like to focus on the importance of first aid. (CPR, Heimlich maneuver ect.) I feel the knowledge of these things is very crucial because at any given time someone can choke, pass out or heart could stop at any point in time. Especially in the presence of a child or elder. You never want to be the person that watched someone die because you didn't know what to do. I feel first aid classes should be mandatory. My teacher saved me from choking in third grade and saved my life. I saved my niece at 10 months from choking and only wish I could learn more. "

How this pageant experience has changed me...

These past few weeks have been a pretty cool change of pace. I find myself dealing with situations better in more ways than one, and day by day losing my fear of conversation, with one person, or a group of people. I might not see change in every aspect of myself just yet, but my personality is enhancing. And I've found friendships and have made realizations in this program I would have never acquired otherwise. This program has met and exceeded my expectation. YMBP has made all the difference.

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