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Young Miss Buffalo 2015
Leecia Clinkscales

My Favorite Quote:

“The day before your life changes forever, is just like any other day." ~Daphne (Switched at Birth)

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From Our Parents...

I think your program gave our young ladies the opportunity to experience bonding with other motivated teens, learning about themselves and how to be in control of their own lives and destinies. The 7 habits book, hopefully you will continue to use it. The program exceeded my expectations. My daughter has matured emotionally as a result the pageant experience.

My oldest daughter was in the program, when you first put this program together. I loved it. I had no choice but to put my 2nd daughter in it. My daughter is now more outgoing as a result of the program. She is actually meeting more with friends than ever before. She is more mature and more responsible.

I think the workshops were very valuable for the girls. The addressed issues that were important. Your program was everything and much more, it exceeded my expectations. What they learned, the pageant, the girls night out experiences all worked collectively to provide them with a very positive experience.

From Our Participants...

The [workshops] challenged me because it showed me that I could be so much that I was and to never lower myself to other people’s standards. I would love to have another chance to spend time with and meet other amazingly kind girls as I did this year. Also, I feel there is more I can learn from the pageant next year.

I liked getting to know everybody and learning things I didn’t know. My first impression on the other girls was that I was never going to get to know them, but I love them all and they have great personalities. The program challenged me to do public speaking and singing in front of people. I feel I am more confident so now when I speak to people I can say things like I mean it and nice, loud and clear.

The diversity workshop was amazing!

I learned how to resolve my problems, to think for myself and speak slowly

I learned that there is a time and place for everything, to make eye contact, that it is never too early to plan, how to set the table, that is important to stay fresh, and that lots of money is spent on unnecessary things.

I learned how not be shy

I learned not to judge, how to develop my career, to resolve conflicts, work with a team, and eat healthy.

I learned that diversity is more than just race, that planning your future is important, that you have to be a listener before someone will listen to you, and to think before I act.

I learned to be polite, eat and stay healthy, to try to stop not start the fight, to set goals, that people are different, to dress your best and save your money.

I will wake up every day with a positive attitude.

I learned to speak comfortably, to share the spotlight, to speak louder and clearer, to love myself, to accept my flaws, to make healthier choices, to keep promises, and speak mindfully.

I learned to be proactive

I learned to go the extra mile when you dress for an interview and not to judge a book by its cover.

From Our Community...

Detra, CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU & your volunteers for pouring into our community!!! What a blessing it was to participate. Thank you. Please let me know if there's anything we can do in support of YMBP. May your Blessings continue to grow.

Hi Detra, Again, please permit me to say that the two-day 2007 Young Miss Buffalo Pageant will continue to be one of the highlights of my life experiences. Your passion for working with youth is definitely contagious; I have been deeply infected, and I am sure others have as well.

From Our Volunteers...

Detra- I was overwhelmed by the experience. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I certainly learned and gained more than I possibly could have contributed. Keep up the tremendous work with these phenomenal young women. Best regards

I really enjoyed being a judge and it was a great experience! You guys have come a long way and have grown by leaps and bounds. I would really like to become involved with the pageant again.

The young contestants were brave, informed, and culturally awesome. Your board’s choice of judges was perfect (this humble servant was honored to serve and I pray that I did not disappoint my fellow judges, the board, and/or the collective community of participants). You have a terrific board, congratulations!

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